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Ring The Changes



Ring The Changes for Timeless Chic

The elation when your fiancé places a beautiful diamond and gemstone ring on your finger. The candle-lit romance of a very special anniversary. The happiness – and slight disbelief – on discovering that you’re expecting a baby.  These are just some of the memories that never ever fade. The truth is we all love to reminisce over the special times in our lives and treasure the things that remind us of them. Here at Henry Aston, we know that every item of jewellery we create is destined to enhance the rich patchwork of a life, which is why we have made the Henry Aston experience so completely unique.      

Each Henry Aston jewellery item comes beautifully presented in three luxurious cases.  These cases are each engraved with the same unique identification number as the gift nestling inside it.  The gift case can also be personalised with a heartfelt message that will bring memories flooding back every time the lid is lifted.                                                              

Your Henry Aston diamond and gemstone ring comes with its own documented story called an Histoire.  The Histoire bears the same unique number as your Henry Aston ring and records it’s journey from the day of purchase onwards.                            

As you slip a Henry Aston ring onto a loved one’s finger and watch the look of pure, unadulterated happiness it brings, you’ll be certain that you’ve made the right choice. Because whichever beautiful, elegant, ethical and unique Henry Aston ring you choose, you can be sure you’re also creating a forever memory, for that very special person who wears it.