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Ring Size Information

Getting your ring size correct from the outset

Henry Aston understand that when you have received your beautiful new ring the
last thing you want to do is pack it all up again and return it for re-sizing.

Our shopping page allows you to order half sizes if required.RingSizeInformation

The best option for determining the correct ring size is go to any local jeweller and let them size your finger for you.

Most places will do this for free, some may make a small charge
but a professional sizing is preferable so the first time you put your beautiful ring on, it can stay on!

If you are purchasing a ring for someone else as a surprise you could borrow an existing ring and have this measured at a local jewellers, but be sure that the ring is worn on the same finger as the one you intend to give.

The following ring size measurement chart provides specific details on UK finger sizes in terms of millimetres and may be a helpful guide:

G – 45.5 mm

H – 46.7 mm

I – 48.0 mm

J – 48.7 mm

K – 49.9 mm

L – 51.2 mm

M – 52.5mm

N – 53.8 mm

O – 55.0 mm

P – 56.3 mm

Q – 57.6 mm

R – 58.9 mm

S – 60.1 mm

T – 61.4 mm

U – 62.7 mm

V – 64.0 mm

W – 65.2 mm

X – 66.5mm

Y – 67.8mm

Z – 68.4mm