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Our Pledge To Britain’s Essential Services Workers

Henry Aston would like to thank all who have worked and continue to work in Britain’s Essential Services Sectors.

We are continually astonished by the day to day professionalism, determination, dedication and in many cases sheer bravery.

We hope our pledge of appreciation will be received in the positive spirit, in which it is being offered.

Our Pledge:

To show our thanks and appreciation to Britain’s Essential Services Workers past and present, we pledge to offer you exceptionally low prices on all of our online jewellery items &  30% discount across our beautiful scented candles range.

We will significantly cut into profit margins to enable true price reductions, we will not be asking suppliers to to reduce their prices, lower the standard of workmanship or the quality of materials.

Prices offered to Britain’s Essential Services Workers will be significantly lower than the prices shown on our website, which are market driven, so already high street competitive.

So please communicate this pledge to anyone you feel may benifit from it, now or in the immediate future.

In the meantime thank you so much for your continuing efforts and we hope soon, to serve you too.
Robert & Kate Aston. 

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Britain’s Essential Services To Include but not restricted to

Armed Forces

Ambulance Service

Council Employees

Charity Employees & Volunteers

Fire Service

HM Prison Service

NHS (National Health Service)

Police Force

RNLI ( Royal National Lifeboat Institution) Employees & Volunteers