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We are now offering a lovely earth friendly product and gifting service where customers purchasing at your store will be able to have sent for them, a beautifully presented, exquisitely scented, smart, personalised and relevant gift, with their own personal message enclosed to anyone anywhere.  

This service caters for all types of customers who, because of their own everyday challenging situations, renders sending a gift through the post an arduous, time consuming, difficult or frustrating task, our gifting service now makes sending a gift enjoyable, stress free, quick and easy.

The advantages to these customers are, time saving, convenience, no carrying or transporting of the gift, no chance of damaging or losing the gift, no message writing, no gift wrapping, no protective postage wrapping or addressing and no trip to the post office to queue and send, our smart, personalised, scented candles are relevant for so many different occasions, are always an absolute delight to receive and are offered as a high quality, beautifully presented, personalised product with 1st class hand delivered service.

Advantages for you as a store hub stockist are, the customer purchases from you and we do the rest, you receive immediate payment from your customer and enjoy no product handling, no stock purchasing or stock holding, no message insertion, no wrapping, no posting to organize and no returns to deal with and we have a no quibbles return policy for full customer satisfaction.

New ideas from us, providing your customers the gifting convenience, style and personalisation they will love and a new and exciting area of sales for you.

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