Beautiful - Elegant - Ethical - Unique.

Beautiful Artisan Presentation


Wherever possible, Henry Aston, strive for the smallest footprint through the use of natural, recycled packaging, planet-friendly materials and laser printing rather than synthetics, dyes or inks.

We take great care with our design, product development, and practise due diligence with all of our supply streams, we do this without compromising either style or luxury.

Every beautiful Henry Aston scented candle is secured in two elegant and earth friendly presentation cases. First, a smart ribbed effect shipping case, sealed using our elegant label. 

Safely nestling inside that with fluffy white tissue is our beautiful gift case, lazer printed and decorated with glorious wide gold ribbons around both the long sided lid and the cut through open base.

The gift case contains our unique glass scented candle made from the highest quality oils, with a burn time of  approximately 30 hours, releasing their rich aromas evenly from start to finish.

Messages are presented on a beautiful light linen textured card and placed on top of the gift case as to be seen immediately upon opening the ribbed effect shipping case. 

Our gorgeously scented, beautifully presented and personalised candles are hand made in the UK and are an elegantethical, beautiful and unique artisan product.       

How to apply your complimentary message to the gift card


Scented candle specifications:

Candle in glass weight : Approximately 550 grams (17.1ozs)

Candle in glass height : 9 cms.

Candle in glass width : 8 cms.

Burn time approximately 30 hours.