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Ambassador T&Cs


1.    Ambassadors will only use content supplied by Henry Aston to promote Henry Aston on their own sites.

2.    Ambassadors will only place Henry Aston content on media sites that have been approved by Henry Aston.

3.    Ambassadors will, if asked, show where Henry Aston supplied media has been entered onto their own social media sites.

4.    Ambassadors will not criticise, defame or make negative comments on any form of social media or any other type of  media platform including personal exchanges regarding Henry Aston or any person, product or body associated with Henry Aston.

5.    Ambassadors may re-apply every 3 months for a Henry Aston Ambassador position.

6.    Discounts will be available to Ambassadors on all Henry Aston web site products.

7.    Ambassadors will, over the course of a seven day week, promote Henry Aston on their own social media sites twice a day and three times a week.

8.    Ambassadors will not promote any other brand other than Henry Aston without prior discussion with Henry Aston.

9.    Ambassador purchases from Henry Aston are non returnable, this does not affect your statutory rights.

10.    All Ambassador payments are payable monthly, pro-rata up to the date of an Ambassadors position ending.

11.    All social media postings must be made twice a day, with a gap of at least a few hours between postings.

12.    Ambassadors will share equally in 3% of monthly sales purchased from the Henry Aston website.

13.    Ambassadors commissions are capped at a maximum of £200 per month.

14.    Commissions paid into the Ambassadors Shared Commissions Structure that under these terms and conditions have not been allocated will be reclaimed by Henry Aston.

15.    Ambassador discounts only apply on products purchased directly from the Henry Aston website.

16.    We reserve the right to change Ambassadors conditions at any time.

17.    We reserve the right to withdraw an Ambassadorship at any time or if any of our terms and conditions are not met.

18.    Henry Aston website sales that are not included in the Ambassador/s financial monthly share reward are:

Sales that have been made by third parties for resale.

Sales made by Henry Aston to Sponsors.

Sales made by Henry Aston to Ambassadors.

All other sales to third parties that are in either a resale,  commission based or discount purchasing agreement or B2B sales.


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