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Q : What would I do as a Henry Aston Ambassador?
A : Simply like, share and re-post material supplied by Henry Aston onto your own social media account/s to promote and increase awareness of the Henry Aston brand.

Q : Will I be expected to supply content for posts?
A : No, all content will be supplied by Henry Aston social media pages.

Q : How long will I be expected to work per day / week?
A : As long as it takes you to like, share and re-post our supplied content onto your own social media platforms twice a day, three times a week.  All in all, approximately 10 minutes a week.

Q : What rewards does an Ambassador receive?
A : Every month, each Ambassador will receive an equal share in 3% of Henry Aston’s monthly website sales, and £10 base pay per month.

Q : Do Ambassadors receive any other rewards.
A : Yes, Ambassadors receive an amazing 20% discount on Henry Aston website purchases.

Q : Is there a specific time to like, share and re-post?
A : We do prefer one sequence to be made before noon and another between 6 – 10 pm however, we understand this is not always possible to adhere to, so a gap of at least a few hours is needed between each sequence.

Q : How would I personally benefit with increasing numbers of Ambassadors coming on board?
A : The more Ambassadors we have, the more exposure we achieve on social media, which will inevitably lead to increased awareness of our brand, increased sales and increased monthly Ambassador share values.  So if you know anyone you feel may be suitable, tell them about us.


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